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STARK is a place for deeply exploring the complex patterns of human sexuality and intimate relationships. We bring an open, curious and compassionate attitude towards understanding the truth of human experiences. We learn from each other, share our perspectives, analyze video footage of different modalities in action and facilitate works in present time.

Spiritual Rank

Spiritual rank is a complex phenomenon. What is it, anyway? In this group we will be exploring the following questions with discussion and activities to our deepen our awareness of spiritual rank. 

1. What is spirituality?

2. What is spiritual rank?

3. What is the difference between psychological and spiritual rank?

4. When is spiritual rank used with awareness?

5. When is spiritual rank used without awareness?

Un grupo de estudio conducido en Español. Abierto y para todos. 

Group Calendar

All meetings are shown in Portland, OR, USA time
and take place on Zoom

STARK Group Meeting

January 29

12pm - 2pm

with Maraya Karena, MA

What part does vulnerability plays when it comes to our arousal? How can we better understand what makes vulnerability erotic, when does it become traumatic and when does it contribute to our personal growth? 

STARK Group Meeting

February 15

12pm - 2pm

with Maraya Karena, MA

A Valentines Day Special!! Looking at the best tools Processwork has to offer when it comes to moving on from that special someone

STARK Group Meeting

March 22

12pm - 2pm

with Maraya Karena, MA

This month we will dive deep to the roots of jealousy. Where does it comes from? What are possible spiritual processes in the background? And how in the world do we work with it when it comes up?

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