Thursday, June 13th, 10am - 12pm

Innerwork for Self-criticism & Internalized Oppression

With Bill Say, Dipl. Processwork

Self-criticism and Internalized Oppression can depress, limit or destroy our well-being and meaningful engagement with life. Whether or not self-criticism is connected to social oppression, it may also be an unrecognized (or not yet transformed!) companion, or ally. Internal criticism may also reflect collective processes, suggest vital life directions and indicate how social change can occur.


In this interactive webinar Bill will discuss Innerwork methods and general strategies to address self-criticism and Internal Oppression. You’ll have the opportunity to try out an Innerwork exercise to address your own self-critic and map out the trajectory of your relationship with it!

About Bill Say

Bill Say, M.A., has worked on his self-criticism/internalized oppression for a long time! He’s learned a lot from this relationship, and has helped clients work with their own inner critics. Bill is a Process Work Diplomate in the San Francisco Bay Area, an instructor at the California Institute of Integral Studies and conduct a private practice utilizing Process Work for individuals, relationships, families, and groups. He offers training and facilitation at the intersection of diversity, conflict and community building.

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